01. Craig was sitting [opposite] his ex-wife at their daughter's wedding.
02. U.N. observers have reported that [opposition] party supporters are being threatened during voting in the election.
03. Some parents [oppose] the sale of condoms from vending machines in high schools.
04. Malcolm X was not entirely [opposed] to the use of violence in the struggle for equal rights.
05. My friend and I hold [opposing] views on most political issues, but that allows us to have some great discussions.
06. The [opposing] team must score within the next five minutes in order to avoid elimination.
07. The Republican candidate has [opposed] all measures to toughen environmental protection laws in our state for the last 2 years.
08. French artist Marc Chagall observed that in painting all colors are the friends of their neighbors, and the lovers of their [opposites].
09. Sholem Asch once said that not the power to remember, but its very [opposite], the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence.
10. Roger von Oech once observed that most people think of success and failure as [opposites], but they both are products of the same process.
11. There is a German proverb which suggests that marriage is the [opposite] to a fever attack; it begins very hot, and ends very cold.
12. Australia's seasons are the [opposite] of those in the northern hemisphere; when it's winter in Australia, it's summer in the United States.
13. On Venus, the sun rises in the west, and sets in the east - the [opposite] of Earth.
14. The numbers on [opposite] sides of dice always add up to 7.
15. In 1933, the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler banned all [opposition] parties in Germany.
16. The government of Iceland is currently [opposed] to membership in the European Union.
17. Sigmund Freud once suggested that men are strong only so long as they represent a strong idea. They become powerless when they [oppose] it.
18. The human rights organization Amnesty International [opposes] the death penalty and the torture of all prisoners.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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